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When the Marriage is Over, but the Wedding Dress Remains

When the Marriage is Over, but the Wedding Dress Remains.

Dream Gowns become Angel Gowns

Dream Gowns become Angel Gowns.

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Little Angel Gowns

 Local non-profit turns bridal gowns into burial gowns for premature babies.

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Baby “K” 9oz and 9in

Baby “K” 9oz and 9in.

Little Angel Gowns with Annessa

Little Angel Gowns with Annessa.

Little Angel Gowns with Annessa

Little Angel Gowns on Indy Style

Little Angels Ride

Little Angels Ride.

Baby “K” 9oz and 9in

Angel Pocket

When I first started Little Angel Gowns, the plan was to place a few boxes in each hospital in the area hospitals. A couple in each size, boy and girl. The hospital or medical team would pass out the Angel Gowns to the families when needed. I thought I might have to deliver one on occasion to the hospital, maybe overnight one to a family member. Never did I imagine that it would be me delivering the first gown to a family. I will say it was an honor to meet Mom “FC”. She found Little Angel Gowns on Facebook and wanted to know if she could buy one of our gowns. Her baby,  born too soon, had died shortly after birth weighing only 9oz and was 9″ long. I had done some quick thinking and was pretty sure her baby wouldn’t fit in one of our preemie gowns. 
I woke up around 4:30 in the morning and made some adjustments to our pattern. I was hoping fervently that I could cut this down enough that it would somewhat fit her. I decided that I would also make an Angel Pocket and explain to mom that is what she really needs. I would need to put a box together for her. Wrap the items in tissue, just like I felt they should be. Include the memory envelope. My friend Sherrie reminded me to put in a little angel pin that had been donated. This was the first Little Angel Dress being donated and we wanted it to be a little special, especially because we were delivering it and because we knew about it.
I was experience feelings that I hadn’t in a very long time. Not sure where they came from. Would mom “FC” like the dress? would she accept the explanation regarding the need for an Angel Pocket vs a Gown? I shouldn’t have worried. Mom loved the gown. Her face was pure delight and her friend just nodded. Mom reached and gave me a big hug. She wanted to know if she could join us and help out. I told her about the Wednesday group that meets. I also suggested she take a little time for grieving first, then come when she is ready. She has my phone number and I will tell her how to get to the church. We talked about Baby “K” and mom shared with me the details of her pregnancy and the delivery. She also explained that she and her family had no money to bury her baby so a fund has been established. She was so amazed by the donations from people she doesn’t even know. She is very thankful for each and every cent that has been donated. Mom said they had looked many places online for a special dress to bury their daughter, and found came across our Facebook page.
I have so many mixed emotions. In order for my foundation to be successful, something bad must happen. I knew this going in, just didn’t expect to experience it. It was a true honor to have been blessed with being the one to deliver Our first Little Angel Gown and to deliver it to Mom “FC” for Baby Angel “K”

Meeting Sy


Meeting Sy

Friday June 6th was a day of errands for me. Actually it was a day of collecting dresses. I had been out since early in the morning and probably put 150 miles on my car driving from the far southwest side to meet with Sandy, then on to various stops making a circle around the northwest side until I finally returned home. No stop was short. I was at Sherrie’s when Sy first called. She asked a little about the foundation, and had heard about it from Stacie M. (Stacie was one of our first donations). Then she asked if we were going to make shrouds for the littlest ones. “Yes, We are making Angel Pockets” I replied. Then she told me a little about her daughter. She said that when her daughter was born, she was too small to wear clothes. All they had to wrap her in was a blanket. Sy said that her daughter’s birthday was the next day and she wanted me to have her wedding gown in honor of her daughter. It gave me goose bumps. I told her that I would be honored. The next morning I arrived at Sy’s, and gave her a card I made for her, along with a bookmark. She shared with me the rest of the story, about how long they tried to get pregnant (nine years) and about how her daughter ended up being born at home at twenty weeks. We talked for over an hour. She is amazing. She showed me her dress and was almost embarrassed about a couple of yellow spots, “don’t worry, I can take care of those, or work around them.” They are gone. Sy and her husband now have another child who is active, playful, and wonderful. She told me later that she usually dreads her daughter’s birthday, but that day, she didn’t.
I am using Sy’s gown to make Angel Pockets. They will be posted on Pinterest later this week.

Wednesday Morning’s


We will begin meeting this Wednesday(6/25) Morning from 9am to noon. We are meeting at Horizon’s of Faith United Methodist Church, 3096 W. 62nd St, Indianapolis, IN 46268. Please bring scissors, seam rippers, wedding dress if you have been given one, and anything else you might need. I do have patterns, ribbon, and buttons. No sewing skills are needed. There is a lot of prep work to be done in order to get a dress ready for being made into Little Angel Gowns. Also we have other activities. Please come and join us as we turn these dream gowns into Little Angel Gowns.